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"Love this bow tie." - Jeremy Y.

Tartan Dog Bow Tie Red

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Before the modern kilt, Scottish Highlanders wore the Féileadh Mòr (Great Plaid), a large piece of tartan which was belted around the waist to form the kilt and was then brought up and over the shoulder. Our deluxe tartan bow ties channel the origins of this timeless garment, and are excellent value for money and will be the perfect finishing touch for your pooch!

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Our dog bow ties are made from durable, quality fabrics sourced only from trusted traders. Each one has a velcro loop for maximum flexibility that will easily attach to any dog collar, or even harness.


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Customer Reviews

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Jacqueline Waddington
Tartan Bow

Thank you for this beautifully made bow it also fits perfectly

Thank you so much for the fabulous review Jacqueline! <3

Amy x


The Tartan Bow Tie along with the bandana we bought, complete a complementary look to each other. OR to share with my dogs best buddy, So sweet.

Hi Tom, thank you again so much for the lovely review and the lovely photos! <3

Amy x

Naomi Devine

Tartan Dog Bow Tie Red

Thanks for the review Naomi <3

Amy x

T O’Kane
Bow tie

In my order a requested a bow tie Curs large for large dogs - the bow tie arrived the quality was excellent but the bow tie size would suit a King Charles cavalier or other small dog - I was requested to post back and then order would be amended - I haven’t returned the order yet as I keep forgetting but will send this week - am not sure why a collar size would be requested as a large dog is a large dog and as such would need a larger bow tie - but quality is excellent amd I would highly recommend but make sure you put collar size - I have large dogs with slim necks so collar size is not proportionate

Hi there, our main products are the bandanas and snoods hence we ask for neck size, the wording isn't 'tailored' to bows, so to speak. So we will work on wording this better and take the feedback onboard.

Many thanks for the good review!

Amy x

Justine Nahum
Loooove the bowtie!!

We are so happy with this purchase, it’s beautiful, high quality and my Nino never looked more handsome !!! I will order the other colors / patterns !

Aww I can't wait to make more for little Nino! Looking forward to having you back Justine.

Amy x