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Paws Free Poop Loop

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Product Info

Every dog owner knows this scenario: You're out on walkies, your dog just did a poop, you pick it up - but not a single bin in sight for the rest of the walk. You continue parading around your dog's poop in one hand, lead in the other, and have no hand free to take a photo or to throw a stick for your pooch. How annoying!

The Paws Free Poop Loop solves this problem for you. The rubber loop simply attaches to your lead with a high-quality metal buckle, and you never have to carry any poop bags anymore! Simply tie a knot into the poop bag as you normally would, shove the knot through the loop, and that's it - no more walks of shame with poop bags!

  • Easily attaches to your lead
  • Made from durable rubber
  • Includes Hound & Me print
  • Available in several colours

Customer Reviews

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We love our poop loop! Perfect for those long walks so you’re not carrying a bag of poo 💩 love all the colours too!! X

It's so handy, isn't it! Thank you Sarah :)

Amy x