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Dog Poop Bag Holder Bundle | Set Of 2

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Product Info

Fetch a set of 2 dog poop bag holders to match your Pooch Bandana gear and save 20%! Have one spare or use it as the ideal gift. Perfect for standard-sized poo bags, loose change, treats, keys, or other small items. Attach it to your your lead, belt, trousers, or key ring, and you're ready for walkies.

  • Fits one standard dog poo bag roll
  • Perfect otherwise for loose change, keys, small items
  • 3" x 2" x 2"
  • Made from neoprene material - very rugged & easy to clean
  • Zips closed at the top
  • Rubber signature Pooch Bandana poo bag dispenser

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Dog cuteness overload
Hi Andrea, this photo is just wow! Love it <3 Thanks so much for the kind review :) Amy x