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Pooch Bandana

Wonderland Floral Dog Bow Tie

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Whether it's Summer, Autumn, or Spring - every season, nature flourishes its own spectrum of flowery colours. For all nature-lovers, we created this colourful flower print on a rugged, but breezy fabric, so that you can enjoy your walkies together in style.
The Wonderland Floral Dog Bow Tie is not a usual accessory, but more of a piece of art, that expresses exactly how we feel about nature's beauty and colours.

Our dog bow ties are made from durable, quality fabrics sourced only from trusted traders. Each one has a velcro loop for maximum flexibility that will easily attach to any dog collar, or even harness.

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Care instructions: We recommend you handwash our products in warm, soft soapy water, and air-dry the product afterwards.

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